Poetry for the Hard of Hearing
Published on October 22, 2008 By Johnny Masuda In Poetry


they told her it was pre-cancer

like she was pre-registering for

wedding gifts


don’t worry they said

the next test will tell us more

and more and more


but the test cost money and no smiles

from the financial counselor will discount

the little pre-cancer cells into a willingness

to wait


they keep dividing and mutating and growing

stealing hope like vultures feasting on road kill

you’ll be better—for a price


but first, another test.


J. Masuda © 2008


on May 21, 2009

All it is is the price we pay to be Americans.  We really are special!



on May 21, 2009

The monotony of pain, as a prequel to my ultimate celebration.  Hail vicious Caesar, thank you for the diagnosis .  Now I am free to live my life, oblivious of your pity...